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Matthews Counseling & Coaching is a private practice in Chester Springs, PA, offering counseling and coaching services to individuals, couples, and families. I (Dr. Matthews) started my own practice in 2014 after completing my training and working as part of a group. I really wanted to work in my own community, and I was lucky enough to find an opportunity to do that. Last year I decided to form a group of my own, recently adding two other therapists.

As I often found myself unable to take new clients, and as my practice became more specialized, it became time. I didn’t want to turn people away, and I wanted to be able to help more people who contacted me. This was not taken lightly, as I sought clinicians who would be a “fit” for the practice and the community. It was also important to me that anyone representing my practice share similar values, like professionalism and respect for others. In addition, I value being a real person and making people feel comfortable whenever they call me or they come into the office. I just couldn’t bring other therapists into my practice who I couldn’t be comfortable talking with as my own therapist or who I couldn’t vouch for.

I thought I would say more here about why these things are important to me…

Being a real person– Too often I hear people say therapists they have seen or spoken to are “weird”, “stiff”, “cold”, “awkward”, and so forth. That just doesn’t sound like someone anybody would want to talk to! How can anyone want to talk about their stuff if they can’t get comfortable? I try to strike a balance between being professional and “clinical”, with being a regular person who can have a conversation or be a good listener. I also believe it’s important that a therapist be relatable and not cold or stiff. Being comfortable is the cornerstone of therapy or counseling, and sets the stage for you to develop a good working relationship with your therapist, which studies show is critical to therapy being effective.

Professionalism– I take pride in doing good work, providing the services that clients are looking for, and in helping everyone who contacts me to the extent I can. Though I may not see everyone as a client, I will at least offer some referrals or educate them on how they might find the right person for them. And a key part of professionalism is customer service. You wouldn’t believe how many potential clients tell me that they have called other therapists and few (or none) have called back! One told me yesterday that they called several and that I was the only one who called them back! Unbelievable! I may get busy and may not get back as quickly as I would like to, but I will always call or e-mail someone back.

Respect– Respect is a broad term, but I always respect my clients and my role in trying to help them. They’re asking me for help, so that is what I try to provide. I also have great respect for anyone who contacts me, because they’re taking an important step in finding someone who might be able to help them. And that is not easy to do! I also respect diversity in all forms and love working with a wide variety of clients. I welcome anyone who wishes to become a client, and if for any reason we cannot work together, I will try to help you to find the right person for you.

I worked hard in finding additional therapists to join the practice, and I truly believe they espouse the same values that I’ve built my practice on. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Please check out their profiles if you want to find more information. As always, please contact me if you have any questions: drmatthews@matthewscounselingcoaching.com

Take care,

Dr. Matthews

Published by Dr. Jesse Matthews

I'm a practicing psychologist and director of Matthews Counseling & Coaching, a private practice in Chester Springs, PA. I work with clients 18 and older, and my specialties include: depression; addiction/substance abuse; relationships; anxiety; ADHD and behavioral issues; and Autism/Asperger's. Our group works with individuals from tween through older adult, helping them with a variety of life issues. Check out the practice website for information on other clinicians and their services: http://matthewscounselingcoaching.com .

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