51 Mostly Non-Electronic Covid-19/Quarantine Activities…

IMG_20200309_073506[16778]As the Covid-19 situation goes on and many people are under “stay at home” or “shelter in place” orders, I have seen lists of different activities posted by many of my fellow therapists. Over the last few days I’ve even received e-mails of these from some- even from our realtor!

I had my own list I was working on…and hearing the woes of many parents who don’t want their kids to be on screens the entire day (and dealing with it at home), I tried to make my list mostly non-electronic. So I’m posting it here. Many of these are good for all ages or families, not only for kids! I hope someone finds it helpful!


51 Mostly Non-Electronic Activities

  1. Take a walk…walk a dog if you have one
  2. Go for a run
  3. Make a fort (inside or outdoors)
  4. Ride a bike
  5. Shoot hoops or practice another sport
  6. Have a catch
  7. *Build something
  8. Put together a puzzle
  9. Draw something
  10. Color (print a coloring page if you don’t have a book)
  11. Paint something
  12. Write a story, poem, song, or rap
  13. Edit or make something with pictures on your phone or computer
  14. Make a card for someone you care about- mail it to them if they live somewhere else
  15. Make a collage (using magazines, photos, or images from the Internet)
  16. Do a crossword puzzle
  17. Organize something that has been bothering you
  18. Play a board game
  19. Do pushups, situps, jumping jacks, or other exercises
  20. Watch a family movie or TV show
  21. Build with Legos
  22. Try to solve a Rubix Cube
  23. Do Mad Libs (can be found online if you don’t have a book)
  24. Do a scavenger hunt (inside or outside)
  25. Read a book or magazine (or download a book)
  26. *Build a ramp or jump for your bike, skateboard, or scooter
  27. *Build a treehouse
  28. Cook or bake something
  29. Make memes
  30. Go fishing
  31. Go hiking
  32. Do a house project (clean up a room, weed or plant a garden, paint something)
  33. Wash the car
  34. Play a family video game like Just Dance, Wii Bowling, or something else
  35. Play ping pong, pool, knee hockey, or another indoor game
  36. Have a sports tournament (1 on 1 basketball, P.I.G., 1 on 1 badminton, Cornhole, tennis, golf chipping or putting, etc.)
  37. Make up a game using a ball or other sports equipment
  38. Play a family whiffleball or kickball game
  39. Learn about something new on the Internet- a person, a place, how to do something, etc. Write down 10 facts about it
  40. Write about a favorite place, memory, or time in our life
  41. Practice an instrument or singing
  42. Think about a hobby you used to like- practice it for at least 5 or 10 minutes
  43. Start planning a family trip or vacation. Look into where you might go, what you might want to do while there, what there is to see, how you would get there, etc.
  44. Find things around the house or in your room or play area you could donate to someone who needs it more: food, clothing, shoes, household items, etc.
  45. Facetime, Skype, Zoom, or do some other type of video call with someone you care about…even a group of people
  46. Write a letter to someone and mail it to them (like they did in the old days!)
  47. Thank someone at home for something they do for you, something nice you appreciate, or give them a compliment for something you like about them
  48. Set up a “family fitness” course (indoors or outdoors)…different exercises in different areas, like pushups, situps, jump rope, or running a short distance
  49. Play card games, like Uno, Fish, War, Poker, etc.
  50. Play a video game everyone can play, like Mario Kart, Mario Bros, Smash Bros, or a sports game. Play for fun or have a tournament
  51. Clean up or re-organize your room together


*Have an adult help you or provide some supervision to make sure if is safe! You can find plans or instructions online if needed.

Published by Dr. Jesse Matthews

I'm a practicing psychologist and director of Matthews Counseling & Coaching, a private practice in Chester Springs, PA. I work with clients 18 and older, and my specialties include: depression; addiction/substance abuse; relationships; anxiety; ADHD and behavioral issues; and Autism/Asperger's. Our group works with individuals from tween through older adult, helping them with a variety of life issues. Check out the practice website for information on other clinicians and their services: http://matthewscounselingcoaching.com .

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