Matthews Counseling & Coaching (MC&C) offers a range of services.

Assessment: Involves meeting with a client and possibly others (parents, partner, or another family member) to discuss issues of concern, to discuss clinical impressions, and a plan of care. Staff may also consult with other providers or review documentation like testing reports as part of this process. An assessment may take 1 to 3 visits, depending on the situation and referral questions.

Consultation: This is scheduled as a one-time meeting to discuss a particular situation, clinical impressions, and potential treatment options. A client may then opt to have treatment at MC&C or elsewhere if desired.

Counseling/Psychotherapy: These services may be conducted with an individual, as a couple, or as a family. In the case of minors, parents or guardians may be asked to participate as well. In counseling or therapy an assessment is conducted, impressions discussed, and goals generated. The therapist will discuss the suggested duration of services.

Coaching: Coaching is not counseling or therapy, but is geared toward addressing a specific area or goal, like relationships, interpersonal effectiveness, or productivity. Though counseling or therapy tend to be problem-focused, coaching seeks to enhance abilities or skills to achieve even greater results.

*Please note that coaching is not viewed by insurance companies as a medically necessary service, so it is not reimbursable using insurance benefits.

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