Callie Fraser, MSS, LSW

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Callie is a Licensed Master Social Worker (MSS, LSW) who completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work at West Chester University and her Master’s Degree in Social Service at Bryn Mawr College.

From Callie:
“I enjoy working with adolescents and young adults into their 30’s who are struggling with any level of anxiety or depression. As our world attempts to simplify through the use of technology and continues to change in many ways, it brings with it a changing culture and way of life that is not always helpful for our mental health. This generation tends to put the world on their shoulders, but forget to care for themselves. The pressure to “be successful” and fit society’s expectations often causes anxiety and depression. Rather than just managing this anxiety, we can figure out what goals and mindset are truly your own.
I love helping clients as they navigate life transitions and relationships, build coping skills, practice effective communication, and set boundaries. I believe that by recognizing our resilience, challenging perspectives, and growing self-esteem, we can bring more peace of mind within our own lives. This makes space for more joy and self-love.
Though I am able to integrate different therapy styles, above all else, I focus on maintaining an empathetic, warm, and non-judgmental approach. I believe that the therapeutic relationship in itself is the foundation for effective therapy. I invite anyone interested, whether you have tried therapy before or not, to feel comfortable contacting me!”

Contact Callie today to see how she can help! You can also call: 610-839-8945

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